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Home Inspection Services

Full home inspection: $360

Verbal and written report. Verbal report will consist of any questions before, during, and after the home is inspected. Written report will consist of a paragraph style format of all items listed in this brochure along with photos and a summary checklist (ranging from 9-20 pages). I can also pass on to you my knowledge or literature on any items found that are damaged, needs replaced, or repaired.
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Lead testing:

Lead testing will consist of taking a sample from a wall or floor surface on the interior and exterior of the home with same day results. Water sources will not be included in the lead test.
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Payment can be made by cash or check on the day of inspection, Invoiced through PayPal for either PayPal money or credit card, and Zelle.
Please make checks out to Bill Harris

Crawl spaces
Flooring structure
Retaining walls
Driveway and sidewalks
Roof Insulation in attic
Gutter and downspouts
Heating and cooling
Attic condition and ventilation
Back yard fences
Porch and decks
Out buildings
Waste drains
Supply water lines
Windows, doors, and locksets
Electrical systems
Hot water tank
Sink traps and faucets
Tubs and showers
Kitchen cabinets and counters
Bathroom cabinets and counters
Interior wall and ceiling surfaces
Flooring surfaces
Garage/garage doors
Outside surface drainage
Chimneys structure

The age and life expectancy of major fixtures and roof surface will be given to help understand future expenses that may occur.